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Alexa traffic smallest

Alexa traffic is traffic to our blog, the more traffic to our blog the small number of nominal figures we blog in Alexa’s eyes, and this is a sign of good alexa toolbar although sometimes confusing. Alexa indeed apply logic to the google rankings, blogs, if we are considered “important” google, it will increase the nominal amount of numbers we blog on google, while Alexa, the more we visited blog other bloggers, the small number of our nominal Alexa. Alexa rating determines your blog. The higher the ranking of a blog, the more “job / task” that you will receive, and also the more money that flows to your paypal. There are a few tips that can improve the ranking in the Alexa blog. among others:

1. Alexa Widget
Place the Alexa site widget stat in your website. Alexa stat this site contains javascript that accompany every visitor data (ping) to the server so that Alexa Alexa statistics become more accurate.
Scriptnya can be taken at the Alexa website. Live copy and paste. No need to install the Alexa widget ashamed when we rank blog is far, to achieve the desired results of course there is the price that must be paid.
2. Alexa Toolbar
Using a browser that Alexa toolbar installed can increase your website ranking. In fact not only your website, every website visited by a browser which is installed Alexa toolbar also get “value” that will be in the ranking. Then, the visitor is not sure of the website you are yourself? So, if your browser already installed the toolbar, then the addition of point ranking akan happen automatically. Nah, Alexa toolbar for Firefox can be installed
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